February 23, 2012

Goodbye, friends

By Elisa | 15 Comments »

All good things must come to an end. Anna and I, after much discussion and thinking, have decided that Bike Skirt is one such thing. We have LOVED doing this, but feel our time is over.

Why? A million reasons, but mainly we feel that the bike blog world has grown so much in the last few years that there are now plenty of strong women out there, riding bikes and telling their stories. After 3+ years, we don’t have much more to add to the discussion and more enjoy hearing what other bloggers have to say. Also, these days we prefer to just ride, and not worry so much about taking photos or waxing poetically about potholes (It doesn’t help that we were each others favorite riding partners, and our distance means that riding is just not as blog-worthy!).

Thank you so much for all of your support and love. I can say with all honesty that when we first starting riding, it was this community that helped us keep going – helping to figure out what to wear in rain, heat and cold; decide which pedals to chose; which bike(s) to consider; how to commute over a mountain; how to handle being girls in a boys club…I could go on. You people were our biggest cheerleaders and, more often than not, more supportive than people in our backyard (luckily, that has changed and both Bham and NOLA have thriving cycling community!). We can’t thank you enough.

Don’t fret, Anna and I will still be riding. We may not see you here, but we will see you on the roads. Anna will attempt to blog more at the Bici Cooperative site, so if you’re really curious about what they have going on in the ‘ham, check it out.

For a complete list of ladies bike blogs, check out Let’s Go Ride A Bike (who I feel like are our bike blog sisters!)’s list. Those ladies did the work for us. We will be reading and cheering everyone on in their journeys!

Bike Love!

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  1. On February 23rd, 2012 Carrie said:

    You guys are both amazing. I’ll miss reading about your adventures, but I’m thankful for everything you’ve done for your communities, for the bike world and for women. Thank you for sharing, and good luck!

  2. On February 23rd, 2012 DAN said:

    NOOOOOO! That was a good job.

  3. On February 23rd, 2012 Trisha said:

    Aw. I will miss your site but am glad to know you both in real life. :)

  4. On February 23rd, 2012 Kara said:

    So sad! But I get it. Somedays I feel like packing in the whole blog thing. But I am so glad to have gotten to know you virtually. You will always remain my bike friends in my book.

  5. On February 23rd, 2012 Sam said:

    I will miss you too. But completely understand. Happy riding!

  6. On February 23rd, 2012 lowrah said:

    You have a lot more to contribute to the conversation! But I support your decision to say it with rubber on the road, and less time in front of the computer.

    Happy trails!


  7. On February 23rd, 2012 Russ said:

    Onward and upward, nice job ladies.

  8. On February 23rd, 2012 jim said:

    Very sad to see you go. One of my very favorite blogs. I’ll miss your very separate styles which complimented each other so well. A fan always.

  9. On February 23rd, 2012 Mom of three said:

    Wow, We move and change as we mature and grow, you guys are an example of that. You have made a mark and I am sure will continue to do so. I have seen it with my own eyes at the Bici Coop and the very busy nights they have. Congratulations for what you have done!!!

  10. On February 23rd, 2012 Elisa said:

    Thanks everyone, for the kind words. Leaving is bittersweet, for sure!

  11. On February 24th, 2012 Cyclin' Missy said:

    Thank you both for sharing your adventures! You rock. You will be missed. Safe, joyous, healthy riding to you both as you continue on in the journey!

  12. On February 25th, 2012 mamavee said:

    Oh so sad to see you go. It has been a good run. You started just before I did. I can’t believe how time has flown!
    Keep rocking the roads ladies!

  13. On February 27th, 2012 Ghost Rider said:

    The blogosphere is a little dimmer with this announcement…but hey, y’all had a great ride and we were happy to read along.

  14. On February 29th, 2012 jerry said:

    Anna and Elisa:

    I hope that you check back to see the comments and that you actually get to read this. I do not know either one of you but I have really enjoyed following your blog. I remember when it was just a blog and then you graduated to a website..it was great to see that evolve. I will miss reading your posts and hope all the best for you both in the future.

    I think the post I will remember the most and that I forwarded to more people then I can remember was the one when your friend crashed without a helmet and one of the next posts which I think was from her brother was titled “wear your f’in helmet”. Good advice that I wish more people would follow.

    Anyways, stay safe and know that you will be missed.


  15. On March 1st, 2012 elisa m said:

    Thank you again to everyone for your support and kindness. It has been a hell of a run!

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