December 20, 2011

How to dress for a New Orleans winter

By Elisa | 5 Comments »

How do you know what to wear when you leave the house and it is 45 degrees and it quickly warms to 75? Tip #1: never put away your summer clothes. 2 nights ago the heat was on, now the AC is going. Sigh. If I didn’t love it, I would hate it!


I wear layers. On this day, I wore a lightweight denim dress over leggings and boots. Added a warm cardigan for the ride in. When the weather warmed, I lost the cardi and the leggings and was good to go (I can never remember to take the ‘after’ photo)!

**************************************************************************************The dress is longer than it looks here, I promise! Layers are the answer to all of my current wardrobe weather issues. You?

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  1. On December 21st, 2011 mamavee said:

    hee about the length of that dress. I was wondering – without leggings… really? You go girl.

    that 45 AM and 75 pm thing is super hard. That’s basically the North East in the early fall. It’s my favorite time of year but really hard to dress for. Layers, leggings and sweaters and scarves are my best friends.

  2. On December 21st, 2011 elisa m said:

    Mama-yeah, I keep the leggings on most of the day and take them off for the ride home. I may flash a few people, but it is totally worth it. It is only inappropriate for work and children’s birthday parties. For everything else: perfect. :)

  3. On December 21st, 2011 Kara said:

    You got some serious style down in New Orleans. I wish I was enjoying your temperatures. But you definitely earn that kind of Winter with your summers.

  4. On December 21st, 2011 wle said:

    looks good

  5. On December 29th, 2011 lowrah said:

    “If I didn’t love it, I’d hate it!” That’s how I feel about Minnesota winters!

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