December 12, 2011

Sloss Cross Video

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Photo by Scott Thigpen Рat the beginning of the race approaching the stairs. The terror is visible in my eyes.

Sloss Furnaces is an amazingly picturesque historic site with roots going back to the founding of Birmingham. We are very lucky to be able to race there during our cyclocross series; I think it’s my favorite venue! Although I’m not doing at all well this year, I upped my category to the Women’s 1/2/3 for this race because of our series rules. I like to tell myself that getting top 10 in 1/2/3s is something to brag about, even if it was 9th out of 9. Le sigh.

Mary Lou Davis, along with Kim Cross as the racer, created a brilliant video of the Sloss race that highlights both the beauty of the venue and the awesomeness that is cyclocross in Alabama. The race footage is from the race I was in, but I was so far behind Kim that I’m nowhere to be seen. Imagine me struggling somewhere in there if you so wish.

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