November 29, 2011

Give Thanks (a giveaway!)

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Everyday (well, nearly every day) I give thanks for my bicycle(s). I am thankful for the freedom they allow, the calories they burn so I can eat more pizza and beer, the way my legs look, the feel of the wind on my face and the freedom from parking tickets.

I also give thanks to you, dear readers and friends, for your support and participation in this little blog of ours. We started 3 years ago assuming we would be the only ones reading it. We had no idea that we would be so challenged, celebrated, supported and loved!

Speaking of amazing readers, one of our most loyal readers, who requests to remain anonymous, would like to make someones day a bit more exciting. He/she will be sending one of our readers this package of 3 t-shirts (sized womens medium)!! When he/she asked, we were blown away…just wanting to do something nice, with no recognition…sounds like a cyclist, doesn’t it?!


To win, just comment with why you are thankful for your bike, or for bikes and cyclists in general. On Friday we will pick a random winner using one of those fancy internet contest winner machines.

(we know that sometimes our comments do not show up so I (elisa) promise to check our spam comments every day to make sure that all comments are counted. We are working on fixing this issue)

Give thanks!

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  1. On November 29th, 2011 Russ Mawn said:

    My Herd
    For many years I had but one steed.
    531, double butted, and French.
    One day I had a birthday.
    I also had an epiphany.
    I adopted another steed, and another and another….
    The rest is a blur.
    I ride with family, I ride with friends, I ride with strangers.
    I ride on roads, I ride on bike-ways, I ride on trails.
    Great people teach me new things about bikes all the time.
    Whether it is how to fix a bike or how to ride my bike(s).
    I’m thankful.

  2. On November 29th, 2011 Ashley said:

    I’m thankful for my bike and cyclists in general for making health a bigger priority in this country. Thank you.

  3. On November 29th, 2011 Jen said:

    I am thankful for the WTFs of Grease Rag Minneapolis, who supported me through my first winter biking. I am thankful that riding helps my mental health and I have such a great community here to ride with.

  4. On November 29th, 2011 Zoe said:

    I’m super thankful for my step dad for teaching me to ride a bike, getting me interested in using them as transport and teaching me to patch a tire. I’m also thankful for my current bike which he picked out- it’s beautiful, functional and I just love riding it :)

    I’m thankful for people all over the world encouraging new cyclists everyday!

  5. On November 30th, 2011 Megan said:

    I am super thankful to discover amazing neighborhoods, corners, markets, coffee shops and more because I ride my bike everyday. My friends in zipping by in cars and or underground in subways are missing out.

    I am also thankful I am a women’s medium.

  6. On November 30th, 2011 Matias said:

    I guess I would weigh twice as much without my bike!

  7. On November 30th, 2011 Matt Lindsay said:

    I am thankful for the way bikes get my whole family doing something great, outdoorsy, healthy and together.

  8. On November 30th, 2011 Kathy said:

    I am thankful for being able to enjoy the fresh air, country road, trails and nature!

  9. On November 30th, 2011 milissa said:

    i am thankful for the countless rides through parks that have cooled me off, calmed me down and changed my perspective on many a bad day.

  10. On November 30th, 2011 Naomi said:

    Dare I admit it but reading these comments is making me a little emotional but the T shirts look great and I feel the need to contribute my thanks. I am thankful for my two wheels for saving me so much money, keeping me trim, helping me to meet like-minded fellow cyclists and for saving a little bit of the environment along the way. May our years together continue and may more and more people pedal on.

  11. On November 30th, 2011 Cynthia said:

    I am thankful that my bike gets me places faster than Chicago’s Rapid Transit Authority can. From home to the Loop in 17 minutes. You can’t beat that!

    I am also thankful for my bike because it made me a minor celebrity yesterday. A picture of me riding in Chicago’s new separated bike lane was in our local Red Eye newspaper. It was summer and I was biking to work in a skirt! Pretty proud of that picture :) No skirt today. Rode to work in 24 degree weather. Burrr. Stay warm my fellow winter cyclists!

  12. On November 30th, 2011 Stephanie said:

    I am thankful for all of the wonderful adventures I’ve gone on my bike! Its one of the best things in the world :)

  13. On November 30th, 2011 Krystle said:

    I am thankful for my bike because it keeps me fit, gets me where I need to go and gives me the most profound feeling of liberation; I don’t feel as free anywhere else as I do on my bike!

  14. On November 30th, 2011 Imma said:

    I’m thankful because riding my bike before work helpsme awake and also because the ride back home is relaxing and happy :)

  15. On November 30th, 2011 CJ said:

    I’m thankful for the two machines that let me travel all around my city in one day – body and bicycle. I’m thankful for the physical health that lets me pedal comfortably for miles, as well as a sturdy bike that happily goes where I go.

  16. On November 30th, 2011 Julia said:

    I’m thankful for biking because when I started bike commuting, I started to feel like a strong woman–physically and mentally!

  17. On November 30th, 2011 Tanya said:

    I’m thankful for my bike because life becomes clearer and I’m a more peaceful person every time I get on my bike. Riding is my therapy. I commute to school daily and try to show my students that you don’t need a car to take you where you want to go in life. Nothing makes you more grateful for your surroundings than to be a part of them at the start and close of each day.

  18. On November 30th, 2011 amanda said:

    i’m thankful for how my bike makes me feel: free and young again.

  19. On November 30th, 2011 Maaike Everts said:

    I am thankful that I get the enjoy the outdoors and make sound effects while jumping over obstacles, zipping through a turn, or just pretending to go really fast when I ride my wonderful new mountain bike. I am thankful to share the love of cyclocross when I attend a race and everybody there, whether they’re on the same team or not, feel like family. I’m thankful for all the wonderful friendships that have blossomed because we share a love of unmotorized two wheels. Gosh, I just could keep going… :-)

  20. On December 1st, 2011 Tom S. said:

    I’m thankful for my bike because it gets me off my lazy butt and outdoors when I don’t feel like it.

  21. On December 1st, 2011 Ginger said:

    I am thankful for my bikes because they give me another option besides driving to get where I need to go. Like to work along the bike path instead of the highway clogged with mall shoppers. Like along beautiful trails passing along canals and scenic byways. Like to CVS to pick up sinus medicine to stop the runny nose (messy ride).

  22. On December 1st, 2011 Aliza said:

    I give thanks to my bike for a healthier heart. The healthiest my heart is the more I want to share it.

  23. On December 1st, 2011 Winifred said:

    I am thankful for the time alone my bike gives me.

    My family are thankful that I rarely take a tumble.

    My community is thankful that I drive less often…

  24. On December 1st, 2011 Laura said:

    I’m thankful for my bike because it was way cheaper than buying a station wagon and my xtracycle holds more than our Ford Fiesta anyway. There are many times I choose the bike over the car for longer rides involving cargo! :)

  25. On December 2nd, 2011 Ian said:

    I have a bicycle. I have balance. I am thankful.

  26. On December 2nd, 2011 Dan said:

    I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made through riding, the fitness it has helped me achieve, and the positive mindset that I now have because of bicycling.

  27. On December 2nd, 2011 Mom of three said:

    I am Thankful for the “Bici girls” they deserve some T-shirts!

  28. On December 3rd, 2011 Rebecca Hewitt said:

    I am thankful for both of the mountain bikes that I received from my parents. I am thankful to be able to live healthily and do the sport I love. I am thankful just to be able to be a daughter of my parents. Thanks.

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