November 15, 2011

Bike commuting is life

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I know when Cyclocross season rolls around it seems like that’s the only thing I’m doing cycling related, but I continue to ride my bike to work, to Bici, to events (beer festivals are always a great destination for a ride) and just for the heck of it! But life, it turns out, is not something I enjoy stopping to document on a regular basis. I’m living in the moment, ya know? I guess that’s a good thing for me as a person, but not necessarily for the blog. Bike commuting has become such a regular occurrence for both Elisa and myself, and while it’s still waaaay outside of the norm in Birmingham, it’s just daily life for me. I think that’s pretty cool.

But hey, Rossitron enjoyed a lovely ride to the grocery store the other day, and I had the sense of mind to snap a photo! There’s no bike rack at the ole Piggly Wiggly, but that’s no surprise. The grocery cart corral is a fine alternative, with the hope that no wayward cart makes a beeline for our sweet rides. My panniers were packed to the brim with ingredients for a veggie chili, beer, and game night with friends, but it was a load that was a pleasure to bear.

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  1. On November 15th, 2011 wle said:

    i usually try to see if i can park my bike *in* the store

    in a grocery store, over by the carts usually works

    sort of a foyer/vestibule area where they keep them

    at target usually they have a 2-door ‘airlock’ where you enter and exit

    usually you can walk the bike in there and just lean it on the glass

    sometimes it works better to go in the exit

    no one is watching that usually

    sometimes [home depot] there is lots of space right inside the store near the front door, maybe behind a display or near wheelchairs or those battery carts or something

    just try it, be nice, be imaginative


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