November 11, 2011

Halloweeny CX

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(Photos by Gina Simpson and others that I can remember. Sorry!!)

These past two weekends had back to back cross races for us here in Alabama, but I was sick for the most recent one. I gotta tell ya, it was pretty nice just to sit back and watch the race without the stress/nerves/flutterings/hyperventilation associated with my own racing preparations. Also, that course was a bitch and I am GLAD I didn’t have the pleasure of racing on it. Ew.

But the weekend before was our annual Halloween race and it was a blast! I wore my slutty french maid costume again this year (because when else am I going to wear it), but this year I decided I was Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show to go along with Rossitron’s costume. You’ll see who he went as below!

The course had a fair few barriers, some steep climbing areas, and there was a long and tricky single track section through the woods, but I took it easy and just enjoyed the ride. Lo and behold, I got 5th! Wahoo moving up in the pack…or something.

There was a great showing of costumes among the women – zombie school girl won best costume of the day. A few of the Bici dudes dressed up as well (BACON AND EGGS!), but overall the dudes seemed to think that racing was more important than having some fun for once. LAME. Rossitron did greatin his race and looked mighty sexy as Dr. Frankenfurter while doing it. Delicious!

Our next race will be the Anniston night race. Things are gonna get crazy!

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