November 7, 2011

Even Pirates Get the Blues

By Elisa | 2 Comments »


A little late, but a post about the Pirate Alleycat that I raced in a few weekends ago. It was a stunning day for a race and I was really sad that I woke up sick. Ah well, racing anyway! Kelly and I dressed up and headed out. We were happily surprised to see a ton of people in Pirate’s Alley in the French Quarter. It was a Saints game day, so there were a lot of other people out there to watch us take off. Best part of this city: No one asked why we were all dressed up!


After waiting and waiting, we finally got our manifests and took off. The race took us all over town, 14 miles total. We climbed jungle gyms, fought with paint covered swords and made pirate balloons for our bikes.


After the peg leg challenge, Kelly got a flat. Unfortunately, we did not have a spare tube. We considered stopping at a nearby bike shop, but I felt too icky. We walked, grabbed a beer and hitched a ride home with a friend.


All in all, the day was a blast. Can’t wait to race in the next one!


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  1. On November 8th, 2011 Kara said:

    You make such an excellent pirate. I have been a little intimidated by alleycats. But it does sound like a lot of fun! Even with the flat.

  2. On November 8th, 2011 Anna C said:

    Aww bummer, but I’m glad you got the chance to dress up!
    Kara! Don’t be intimidated by alleycats, they’re only are serious as you want them to be. There’s always silly stops and tasks to complete, and many have prizes for first as well as last place. They’re a totally fun way to have a good time with other people who just love to ride.

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