October 21, 2011

New Orleans Alley-cat!

By Elisa | 1 Comment »



This weekend Rubarb (Rusted Up Beyond All Repair Bikes) is having an alleycat! I have yet to do an alleycat since I moved here so I am pretty excited. The best part? It is PIRATE THEMED! My skull and crossbones leggings will have their day to shine.

RUBARB is a great shop with cool people running it. We met them at Bike! Bike! SE a few years ago and have loved running into them every year since.

New Orleans, I better see your ass there. In pirate gear. DO IT. Sunday. 3:00, Pirates Alley (the French Quarter). Be there. Or risk having my kick your ass.



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  1. On October 23rd, 2011 Anna C said:

    Jealous! I want to race in a pirate outfit and hang out with the RUBARB folks. Have fun!

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