October 9, 2011

Bamacross race 1 – Dusty lungs

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Which do you think is worse – dust, or mud? After race 1 I’m going to say dust.¬†Why? Well I’ve never puked at a race before, and at this one I managed to twice. That makes me hardcore, right? Right??!

Dusty! Terribly Dusty! (Photo via Boris)

We got new jerseys this year and they are wonderful! Baby blue really stands out in the crowd. We also got quite a few new folks on the team this year, including another female – welcome to the team Brooke (and the other guys, whatevs this is a blog about girls). Brooke ended up getting 2nd, and Kate, who is in the class above, got 3rd. Way to go ladies!

Brooke is very funny (Photo via Theresa)

Really, the dust just clogged me up too much. We had an epic sand pit that by the third or fourth lap was covered by a giant dusty cloud, and once I got myself out of there I was done for. Pulled over, leaned to the side, you know the rest. Alas this cost my a few positions in the pack that I was not able to recover. I ended in 5th (aka last meh), and when I got back to the tent it was time for round two of pukeyness. But once that was over it was party tiiiime!

Rossitron will destroy you (photo via Boris)

The highlight of this race was the beer-ups. First race of the season I suppose people were a little confused about what was in those cups. One of our team members proceeded to dump it on his head, and another took one sip and the spewed it out while simultaneously throwing the cup back at us. Come on guys, who would give out free water to strangers? IT’S BEER OR NOTHING!

Sometimes I wish Cyclocross was just about riding and not so much racing. It’s totally fun when you’re just cruising around and drinking beer, but I suppose there’s that whole sense of accomplishment thing whenever you puke your guts out while attempting to attain glory. Here’s to another season of pain and misery!!

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