September 5, 2011

Bikes galore!

By Elisa | 1 Comment »

Last Wednesday, I rode up to work to find a lovely surprise; the bike rack was completely full! My office building is part of Tulane University (but not on the main campus), so they have one class in the building. That, combined with an increase in commuters who work in the complex, means bikes galore! I especially loved the trailer with the helmet, doll and mardi gras beads in the back. The gentleman riding it has started leaving early, so I imagine it is for school pick-up. I hope to ask him soon.


Alas, there was no room for Sugar, so she sat outside my office door where I could see her. I also locked her to herself for extra security. Whenever I started feeling antsy I could look up and see her waiting for me. It was a lovely and comforting sight.


How are your bike racks looking? Getting more or less full with fall around the corner?

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  1. On September 10th, 2011 Krista said:

    When my husband and I attended Oktoberfest last year in Munich, Germany. I was so happy to see all the bikes parked outside work places along our walk to the fest.

    Thats the first time I saw commuting in full force. I’ll never forget it. As for my current place sadly not enough people ride there bikes. I’m the only one from my work that commutes :(

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