August 16, 2011

Bicycles unexpectedly in my Google Reader Feed

By Anna | 1 Comment »

Lately it seems like bicycles have been showing up in unexpected places all over the internet. I follow a fair number of cycling blogs, but also regularly check a few friends, design, food, and lols sites.

The two that have caught my eye recently have been from the Apartment Therapy group. First it was from Re-nest, which if you’re not familiar is a site for green design. They’re currently having a competition over there to win a Public Bike! When I saw that I was caught completely off guard. Not that bikes and green living don’t go hand in hand, of course they do, but…I dunno…I just don’t expect there to be an actual bike give away on anything other than a cycling specific site. Pretty cool!


Anyway the site is seeking submissions for small, cool, outdoor spaces, and the space who gets the most vote wins their choice of Public bike. I would totally enter but my small, cool, outdoor space is lacking design sense at the moment. If you think your space has what it takes you should give it a go!

Secondly, today on Apartment Therapy it was revealed to me that Target is unveiling a new line designed by Missoni (don’t know much about fancy designers because I’m not a billionaire,  so I’m not personally excited by that fact alone), and included are bikes! Designer bikes at Target! I’m shocked!


I know about the Kate Space Abici, and there’s the whole Urban Outfitters Republic bikes too, but both of these I found out about through cycling specific sites. Have cyclists officially become hip to the wider world, or have I been missing something? Have you all been notice changes such as these that make you think this whole cycling-as-a-lifestyle thing is catching on?

*Note that these items were not solicited to me. Sometimes we get random emails asking us to put something on the blog and most of the time I ignore them, unless it’s something I think is interesting. We do this for fun only folks!

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  1. On August 18th, 2011 ben said:

    I too am surprised Target is marketing a special bike. It is good news. Is it a sign of progressive change, or just a short-lived fad? I’m hoping for the former. I see more and more folks on bikes, and that’s here in a small metro area with no support for bicycling. People are realizing, I believe, that bikes are so practical and beneficial and efficient.

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