July 27, 2011

When it rains, it pours

By Elisa | 3 Comments »


Here is New Orleans, we are in Hurricane season (also known as the rainy season). It rains every single day. I am not talking a drizzle, but a good downpour. Sometimes it lasts all day, sometimes just 20 min.

Because of this, I am often caught in the rain on my bike. In this heat a rain jacket makes you so hot that you end up wet with sweat, so I just go for it. If I am headed to the office, I bring a change of clothes; headed home and I just go (I have taken to keeping a towel just inside the door for these occasions).

Monday I had to pop into the office for about 1 hour, so I thought I would be safe. Wrong. Just as soon as I left it started. The kind of rain that floods our sinking streets in 5 minutes, making the never-ending potholes invisible. Thankfully, I was on a street I know well so could avoid most of the potholes, although I hit 2 that nearly shook my brains out.

The worst part? I was wearing a light colored flowered dress. It was like a wet t-shirt contest the whole ride home. Yikes. I won’t make that mistake again, as I got many yells of …ahem…appreciation from other weary rain soaked travelers.

I am sure that once it cools off I will start wearing rain gear, but for know I prefer to cool off in a good summer storm. Anyone else just ride it out in the summer rain?

*This photo does not do justice to just how completely soaking wet I was. Not a dry stitch of clothing on me!

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  1. On July 28th, 2011 Krista said:

    Ahh i’m jealous. You get to enjoy the rain in warmth. While the rain here in Germany requires layers and rain gear (in the high 50′s)

  2. On July 28th, 2011 Amy said:

    I love a good downpour when I’m on the way home in the evenings! I usually don’t get them on the way to work, but just about every evening there is a storm somewhere nearby. Sometimes I’m in it, sometimes I only get to see it.

  3. On August 11th, 2011 Jack said:

    I envy the appreciative travelers! I’ll confess my bike commute would have taken a detour. ‘Oh, darn, I just can’t seem to get past her, must be the gears or something’. I love seeing a woman ride by in a skirt, or with her pretty sun dress wrapping around, billowing in the wind, it just speaks of summer in the best way possible, watching her ride by full of light and life, maybe smiling like you are in this cool picture, with a brightly colored pretty dress like yours. Several nicely >dressed< riders rode by during my commute this afternoon, I'm happy to say. I frequently tell the women riders here when we're stopped at signals about bikeskirt.com, cycle chic and other sites about riding in skirts and dresses; I want to encourage biking in pretty dresses and skirts!! As for riding there, I was in New Orleans about ten years ago: it was hot and humid, with the sheets of rain coming down like you describe. The neat thing was, a few minutes into it, and you're as wet as you're going to be anyway. What a wild experience it would be to ride in that. I wouldn't have thought about the potholes – that's a good warning.

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