July 21, 2011

He’s the Rubbernecker!

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Not to sound all big headed or anything, but I get a lot of attention when I ride my bike around downtown, to work and such.  Surprisingly very little of this is aggressive or angry “get off the road @#($&%!”  variety, but more so of the “hey girl!” variety; usually it’s just really intense looks.  This doesn’t bother me for the most part because I like to think that the attention is just as much toward me on a bike, as toward me in general  – sort of like a positive association thing.

Recently one guy said something to the effect of “you’re saving a lot of gas riding, that’s smart!” and I replied, “and I’m staying healthy too!”. His response to that was “oh, believe me I noticed that”, then I smiled and pedaled away. I think I got his attention because of the whole hot lady cyclist ass thing, but he also recognized that biking makes sense, and maybe he came away from the conversation thinking that biking  might be a good idea for him to try sometime soon too.

Anyway, these experiences always remind me of a song from Danielson called Rubbernecker.  The video that was made for it is pure gold, so here it is in all it’s glory for you to enjoy.

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