June 29, 2011


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With the heat as insane as it is (not to mention the humidity), I don’t go on joyrides as much anymore. Mostly it is riding to and from places, which is nice in a new city, but not the same.

This Monday I had a meeting in the French Quarter, then another in the Marigny area. I decided to take advantage of my ride home to do some exploring and eating and joyriding. After riding a bit in the Marigny neighborhood. I stopped by Shiro’s Cafe to grab some lunch (after realizing that my go to, Cake, was closed). Great atmosphere, yummy lamb gyro and a beer later, I took off riding again.


Through the French Quarter in areas that I rarely ride in, as most locals avoid the Quarter like the plague, I found some streets blocked to cars during day hours! I had no idea, and was glad to see how pedestrian friendly it is (Could also be that too many tourists, drunk from hand-grenades and walking around like it is Disneyland, led to this decision…).


The CBD had some amazing graffiti that I have wanted to look at more closely, so of course I took a ride over.


Got home just in time for a summer thunderstorm to lull me into a nap. Great day!

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