June 10, 2011

Charleston bicycles

By Anna | 3 Comments »

Charleston, South Carolina is a great cycling city. I travel here regularly for work and it never ceases to amaze me how many people ride. It’s usually cruisers and beater bikes that I see around. Roadies in kits seem out of place here, although I see them every now and again too. This bike was parked at a great bakery I stop at each visit, Baked. The wonderful colors, dents, scrapes, and simplicity caught my eye.

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  1. On June 11th, 2011 Dottie said:

    Good to hear that some cities in the South are good for bicycling. I’ve never been to Charleston, but would like to visit my old college roommate who live there now, some day. I’ll be sure to make bike arrangements, when I do.

  2. On June 13th, 2011 Southern Biking Belle said:

    That’s pretty, I love the contrast of the red and yellow. Very cheerful!

  3. On June 26th, 2011 Mainframe Training In Chennai said:

    its looks like amazing…how can we get this

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