May 29, 2011

Bike Skirt reunion!

By Elisa | 1 Comment »


Anna and Ross came down this weekend. It was like a breath of fresh air to have friends that know me well come visit. It was also nice to be able to entertain people at my new home. We rode bikes, ate pastries, drank too many beer and daiquiris and indulged in Alligator Poboys. Sitting by water, talking and laughing with our bikes in the background is a lot like I imagine Heaven to be like.




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  1. On May 30th, 2011 Kara said:

    Yayayaya! I remember having that feeling in a new place. Where you like your new friends, but it is a lot of work. Then my old friends would visit and it would be like, aww, you get me. I don’t have to do anything but be me.

    Sounds like an amazing weekend with some awesome people. Here’s to more!

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