April 20, 2011

Sopo 7th Annual Broken Hearts and Bicycle Parts

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We’ve got the Bici Anniversary weekend April 29, 30, and May 1, then then following weekend is Sopo’s Annual Fundraiser, which is also a weekend extravaganza! Neato!

From Sopo:
“Broken Hearts and Bicyle Parts 7: Backroads and Lightloads,” Sopo Bicycle Cooperative’s seventh annual fundraiser is slated for a weekend of fun, May 6-8th. This event has grown from an alley cat in past years to a full weekend of inclusive cycling events meant to encourage individuals to pick up their bikes and go for a ride. Advance registration can be done now online at Sopobikes.org. Those with smartphones can quickly link to the registration page via QR code from any of the posters or fliers around town.

Friday, May 6th is set to be a low-key welcoming event for both travelling participants as well as new cyclists to town; including a group ride, cookout and dance party. We hope that this relaxing start to the weekend will encourage good friendly relations in the community and allow a positive competitive spirit to grow between participants. Meet at Woodruff Park at 7pm for the group ride.

Saturday, May 7th, alleycat participants will meet at Sopo Bike Coop at 3pm to pick up manifests, and the alleycat will at begin at 4pm. Participants will finish by 7pm at The Music Room, followed by a benefit concert starring Indyana Jonz, Basement Banshees, and The Wild, ending with DJ Soundwave spinning the night away. Prizes will be awarded based on the originality of participant costumes, creativity and good spirit in completing checkpoint tasks, as well as overall time for completion. Tickets to the benefit concert will be $10 but event participants will have complimentary access. The benefit concert is an 21+ event, ID required.

We will also be hosting a farewell vegan friendly brunch Sunday starting at 1pm and all are welcome to come out. This event will be hosted at WonderRoot and will be $5.


Bike parties and races are the best, right?!

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