February 24, 2011

Auntie Em!

By Elisa | 2 Comments »

How did I forget that a bike was a big part of the Wizard of Oz?! The Wicked Witch may be been awful (or misunderstood if you are a Wicked fan), but she sure knew what sort of bike to ride.  With Toto in that front basket and all!

on another note…

The wind tonight was insane! I was all over the road and finally had to walk it after a big gust threw me as I was wobbling up a hill. Too bad it was coming from the side and not from behind…that would have been a very welcome wind.

Looks like a storm is blowing in. Yikes.

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  1. On February 24th, 2011 oldfool said:

    Toto was in the back basket.
    The movie was made when many rode a bike not just evil witches.

  2. On March 6th, 2011 Mary Westmacott said:

    I wish my toto would still fit in my basket, He’s a bit to big now, so we have to fit in a bit of cycling and dog walking,He’d love e to try though, Nice post, Thanks again x

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