February 23, 2011

Minneapolis work-cation, woah.

By Anna | 3 Comments »

This past week found me and Rossatron in Minneapolis for work. In between all the science, we found time to hang out with some awesome people and ride some bikes!

Lowrah from Grease Rag Ride & Wrench was our hostess for the visit, and we couldn’t have asked for a more brilliant person to show us around. She found us bikes, lead us to delicious watering holes, helped us meet other cool cats, and rode with Ross in the snow storm when I was too scared. Her passion for cycling and society in Minneapolis knows no bounds. We had a lot of great conversations and shared ideas and thoughts about cycling culture in our respective cities.


Lowrah is one of the lovely ladies who help run the bi-monthly womens/trans/femme co-op Greasrag, HQ’d at Sunrise Cyclery. Obviously she knows her way around a bike, and for that we salute her. Right now she’s helping get a project together for the Bicycle Film Festival – a look at DIY WTF bike spaces. If you’re interested in helping out with that project or are a WTF in the Minneapolis area and have yet to visit Greasrag, get on it!

Over the next few days I’ll be putting up short posts about different aspects of our trip, but for this first one all I wanted to say is, Low, you ROCK!

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  1. On February 23rd, 2011 Elisa M said:

    Next time I am in Milwaukee, I am totally taking the bus to MPL to see this mecca of awesomeness!

  2. On February 24th, 2011 spiderleggreen said:

    You are right, Lowrah is a Rocker!

  3. On February 24th, 2011 lowrah said:

    Aww, Anna, you flatter me.

    But you aren’t flattering Minneapolis- she really is that awesome. =] Can’t wait to have you back when it is not snowing…

    You + R were total champs. I love how a big blizzard did not scare you away from having fun out here with us. Bad ass!

    Elisa- hit me up when you’re in town and we’ll go exploring!

    This spiderleggreen character has good taste. =p

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