February 16, 2011

Spring Fever

By Elisa | 4 Comments »


It has been in the 60′s and sunny this week. Weather like this makes me daydream about picnics and Sunday brunch rides and riding with bare legs and beer on the porch and the sun on my shoulders.

I know Dottie over at LGRAB is also feeling Spring fever. Who else?

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  1. On February 16th, 2011 Steve A said:

    It’s hit 75 in North Texas. I’ve been thinking about making sure all the tank tops and shorts are accounted for…

  2. On February 17th, 2011 Baroquebryan said:

    It will be in the 40′s with maybe a little drizzle in Buffalo today. Heatwave! Before you know it the snow and ice will be gone, and I can get to work on my bike instead of in my car. You don’t know how lucky you are to have 60′s in February.

  3. On February 17th, 2011 John Romeo Alpha said:

    70s and dry. Perfect. Time to act on the daydreaming and go for an extended picnic and/or kite fly.

  4. On March 6th, 2011 Mary Westmacott said:

    Me,me,me! so glad to be back out in the lovely fresh air again.Gone are my winter blues for a quick daily ride, if you get my drift. x

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