January 27, 2011

Shelter from the storm

By Elisa | 2 Comments »

(This photo was not taken on a bike, but was the beautiful sunset yesterday!)


I am a busy girl. I work full time, help run a bike coop, belong to a church small group, am helping start a community garden in my neighborhood and taking ballet classes.  Oh, and I am working once a week at the coffee shop for extra money. Just looking at it, I realize I may be insane.

All of this means that sometimes my only time alone is on my bike, besides sleeping. When things get busy it is easy to accept rides from people, but this week I vowed to ride my bike every single day, no matter what. I had a feeling that I would need the down time and the exercise. Rain or shine, I was riding.

Best thing I could have done for myself.  Even though I spent all day Tuesday damp from riding all over town in the rain, I am 100% sure that I feel better than I would have if not. I am tired, but still have energy at the end of the day, a direct result of riding my bike. Win-win!

(it doesn’t hurt that today was 55 degrees and sunny)

What about you?  Does riding help you unwind or get ready for your day?

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  1. On January 27th, 2011 Bethany said:

    There was a completely different photo with this post in my google reader feed…..

    Two years ago, when I was first starting to ride more, I worked for the summer at a bakery, 3-5 days a week. Even during a heat wave, after working over 8 hours in a hot bakery, that ride was the best part of my day. I think it was a combination of the exercise, the pleasure of riding, and the time alone that helped me prepare for the day, and then to come down from the madness of work at the end of the day.

    I don’t go out to work every day now, but when I do, it is still the best part of my day. Even in the rain.

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  2. On February 1st, 2011 Grinner said:

    “Does riding help you unwind or get ready for your day?”

    Every day, Elisa, every day. Without the regular riding commute, my only fashion statement would be the color of my straitjacket.

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