January 25, 2011

Feeling the love-I promise.

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Thanks to everyone who spoke up about ladies night.  Your comments and emails were really helpful.

It has come to my attention that my last post may have come off in a way that was unintentionally insulting. I LOVE  the guys at Bici and they are not hipster bike shop boys…I was using that as an example of the fear that many ladies have when coming into bike shops. Over and over I hear “There is no way I am coming in there, those guys are going to think I am stupid.” I can tell you from experience that our gentleman try very hard to not make feel anyone feel that way.  They are very patient and sweet and really want to see everyone, men and women on bikes and enjoying the ride.

This was not a reflection of our shop, but a response to what I hear many women saying about coming to bike shops. No matter how many times I say that this is not the case,  the fear still exists.

It is a hard problem and we at Bike Skirt are committed to trying to find a good solution. We firmly believe in empowering women to ride and won’t give up!

Ok-let’s all hug it out, shall we?

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