January 12, 2011

Ice, Ice Baby

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Here in Birmingham we have been iced in since Sunday afternoon.  As in, schools and businesses shut down.  Roads impassable.  Ice everywhere.  Just this morning, when it was 20 degrees, I debated on riding when I saw this tweet from Bike Skirt friend, Dan:

Fellow bike commuters: Protect your hands and face today! The wind is wicked today. My face is burning!

I HATE riding in that and have super sensitive eyes, so I decided to walk to the meeting.  Within 2 feet I was glad I did: ice everywhere.  At the bottom of the hill by my house was a huge ice sheet and I saw a Semi nearly lose it.  Not everywhere is like this, but there were ice spots the entire way to the coffee shop. No snow plows, little sand and salt and temperatures below 30 degrees is a problem here.  Add to it that I have small, racing tires and I am walking it.

nothing but ice


Walking was slippery and boy was I glad for the snow boots my mom, who lives in Milwaukee, sent me!


I hear that the rest of the country is insanely cold too.  Tricia over at Let’s go Ride a Bike seems to be having similar issues. Do you have any stories of icy good (or bad) ness?

To getting back on the road!

Super scary to watch this truck slide down the hill

too much ice for this girls bike ride!

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  1. On January 12th, 2011 Steve A said:

    Pretty nice here in North Texas. It is cold (for us), but dry so riding is a snap as long as one dresses properly for the temperature. The warm gloves I got last summer at the Hotter ‘N Hell 100 last summer are really earning their keep.

  2. On January 12th, 2011 Reuben said:

    lol. at the risk of sounding patronizing or condescending, here in MPLS, we’d call those clear roads. We haven’t seen roads that clear in over a month!

  3. On January 27th, 2011 Joe said:

    Just came upon your blog…love it. But I agree with the previous commenter (and also, like him, not trying to sound patronizing or condescending)…those streets are dry and clear. Visit my blog to see winter biking. Peace.


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