December 29, 2010

Bike Skirt contest #2: time trial!!

By Elisa | 2 Comments »

You may remember our first contest, the Calf-girth competition.  Well, today we bring you another chance to win some random and cool shit!  It’s the holidays and we are feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Contest #2 is this: SKIRT TIME TRIAL.  You must ride 1 mile, in a skirt and have it timed.  Send us the time via comments by next Wednesday and we will award the prize for the fastest mile.  No, we will not know if you cheated. Yes, the Universe will know and punish you…

That’s it.  The prizes will include at least one of these awesome T-shirts and other stuff!


All times must be in by Wednesday, January 5 by midnight Central.  If you want to send a photo, that would be stellar…you just may get a feature, even if you don’t win!!


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  1. On January 5th, 2011 Jorge said:

    3 min 18 secs on wet roads of Montgomery.

  2. On January 13th, 2011 Anna said:

    Hey Jorge you won! We need info from you though so email one of us! elisa(at) OR anna(at)

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