December 7, 2010

First day

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Well, I had my first day of winter weather riding, highs of 38, lows of 27 today.  I had a meeting and errands to run, so I had to dress appropriately. Not as hard as it sounds!

What I wore: Long sleeved black T shirt-H&M
Black high-waisted black skirt- Old Navy
Teal tights from HUE (best ever)
Smartwool knee high striped socks
Ruff Hewn boots
Pearl Izumi winter jacket (gift from a friend when he got a new one!)
Wool Cycling cap from Walz- bought when I was with Dottie!
Sugoi merino wool Wallerino gloves
Teal/camel pashmina from Hong Kong (thanks, Mom)

the photo shoot got a little silly!


I was pleasantly warm and actually found myself a bit hot when I rode some hills in the sun.  I am excited to ride in the cold and not arrive everywhere sweaty.  However, the hat hair sucks.  Oh well, you win some, you love some.

How has your cold weather riding been?

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  1. On December 13th, 2010 John_in_NH said:

    38! cold! you have got to be kidding me! :P this time of year, we are luck to hit 25 without a wind chill, which usually brings it around 15-17 on a WARM day :P

    when you are dealing with 0 degree weather its a whole other story! and it requires a little less fashion sense and a whole lot more looking like the Michelin man :P Although to be fair my core gets very very warm, while I have double gloves on my fingers, and my toes are near freezing even with thick Vermont made wool socks (if I don’t wear my steel toed boots that is)

    best riding to ya! and a happy holiday season :)

  2. On December 13th, 2010 elisa m said:

    John-today we are at 19, with a wind chill of of 7! I guess we are now in the same boat.

  3. On December 13th, 2010 Grinner said:


    Good on you for staying on the bike through the winter. IMHO, your 27-38 range is just about the worst temperature for commuting, because the humidity chills to the bone. I am much happier riding in the 12-22 range, because that cold is just cold — it doesn’t seep in. Below 12, i start wearing tights under the kilt; below 0, i wear two layers of tights; below -10, i stop riding, because the grease in my headtube gets too thick, and steering becomes a problem — plus my shifters stop working.

    Keep the sticky side down.

  4. On December 19th, 2010 Jack said:

    No need to downplay the ensemble because your hair is ruffled a bit. Skirt, boots, tights, all bundled up bright for visibility during your ride – totally captivating and cute!

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