November 30, 2010

Bike Skirt Thanksgiving part II

By Elisa | 4 Comments »

Thought I would share my Thanksgiving riding tale to follow up Anna’s story (3 wives, 26 kids?!  Whoa).

Thanksgiving eve, my date and I decided that maybe we should ride the 23ish miles to his families Thanksgiving dinner. We were pretty excited, as we are hoping to ride to NOLA in the Spring.  The day of, it was rainy and gross all day…up until about 20 min before we wanted to leave.  We hurriedly got ready and hit the road 35 min later than we hoped.  We have 1.15 hours to get there.  The ride got really pretty once we were out of the city, but we were mainly on big, busy roads.  A little stressful but luckily the traffic was light.   It was a beautiful, fun way to spend the day.

The residential area was my favorite part of the ride.  Families out walking off their lunch and leaves falling everywhere.

That speck up front?  That is J, crushing it up the hill and I struggle to stay upright and not die.

After being off the bike for 8 weeks, I was weak.  3 hills, 2 which were longer than 1.5 miles long, about killed me and toward the end I freaked out on J with a bit of frustrated yelling (I later apologized). I crawled up one of them and cried going up another, but refused to give up!  I stayed on the bike and we made pretty good time, considering. We arrived just as the sun was setting and the entire family was there…to see me walk in red faced, sweaty and gross.  They applauded us, and we ate plentifully.

Then we got a ride home. It was a great day and I am ready to do that ride again.  Next year!

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  1. On November 30th, 2010 L said:

    I took 2 months off because of an injury and I totally know what you mean. I did not quite get to tears, but I definitely had to go from 20 mi a day to 0 mi a day when I was injured, then back up to some 10 mi rides that almost killed me!

    Good think you had a turkey reward at the end of the ride!

    Way to get back in the saddle. I’d love to hear more about you recovering and the mental and physical changes you’ve noticed, because I’ve been dealing with the same stuff.

    Rubber side down!

  2. On November 30th, 2010 dreamlet said:

    Impressive!!! I applaud you as well. My family’s Thanksgiving celebration is about 20 miles away. Maybe I’ll give that a try next year. But where will I put my Sweet Potato Casserole?!

  3. On November 30th, 2010 wle said:

    good stuff


  4. On November 30th, 2010 Kara said:

    You are a rock star! Amazing how you jumped right back into riding. Plus, you look cute to boot! Looks like a very happy Thanksgiving!

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