November 9, 2010

Sloss Cross

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*This was originally posted on the Bici Coop Racing blog*

(Photos ganked from Russell Fulmer’s facebook)

(The look on the kid’s face is very similar to what I looked like at this point. A whole lotta “oh shit”)

Sunday had us at Sloss Furnaces, bundled up, drinking Red Bike Coffee, and embrocating. I think I jumped the gun on the medium embro (mine is Russian Thee from Mad Alchemy) – while I was racing it felt awesome, but when the midday sun came out my legs were burning with an uncomfortable ferocity. The grill was busy churning out delicious burgers courtesy of Barton’s Nursery and the beer was flowing; another successful week for our team in both fun points and winner points.

BBC (Birmingham Bicycle Company, to be clear) set up a great course for this week. After the hell we’ve been through with the previous courses, Sloss was nice and flat with some playful twists, turns, and roundabouts, a few obsticle laden trails, and a vicious little back side. Sloss is also a picturesque venue. There’s nothing like imagining the grueling manual labour under sweltering heat for steel and iron work to really get you going. Let’s hope we weren’t huffing through any terrifying dust particles.

Kate rocked the Women’s 4s once again this week with a strong 2nd place finish. She’ll be up there making cash money with the 1/2/3 soon enough! Unfortunately she bonked her knee during a dismount, so lets hope that heals up soon. I felt a little bit better with this course (unsurprisingly I prefer flat sprints to hill climbs), and didn’t get last. Hoorah!

The guys in the Men’s 4s performed AMAZINGLY, their best week yet! Ross took 1st, Alan 4th, and Daniel 5th. Hell Yes. This was Ross’ last week with the 4′s – rules dictate that next race he’ll be up with Sam in the 1/2/3s, and we will all be entertained watching their brother race dynamics.

There was an absolutely adorable kids race mixed in somewhere. We screamed for them all, and I remember Brent’s youngest in particular was very excited about the whole thing. Finally, Sam and Lee got our there and powered through the course with brute force and excellent form. I think Sam finished up nicely in the top 10? We’ll find out soon enough!

Right now we’re sitting comfortably around 4th place in terms of team points, which I think is saying something considering we’re a bunch of rag tag hoodlums. Way to go team!!!

EDIT: Sam had an 8th place finish, and we have a new team memeber that I was unaware of! John placed 3rd in the Men’s 4, and we welcome you with open arms and hands full of PBR.

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  1. On November 9th, 2010 Brian said:

    Sloss… so cool and yet so cruel.

    For the second year in a row a flat by the stairs put the kabosh on my race. Last year it was the first lap, this year it was the second lap. Then to top it off, the pit bike gets a mechanical as well leaving me to hoof it through the straightaway in the woods. Called it a day at the 3 pack barriers and made the walk of shame over to the finish line to let the official know that I was DNF.

  2. On November 14th, 2010 meligrosa said:

    so badasss!! :D

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