October 14, 2010

I am birmingham

By Elisa | 5 Comments »

Had to get a cast put on.  Looking at about 4-6 weeks.  Good news is that my friend Andrew Thomson, of i am bham, came by to tag my cast with some killer art.  If I must wear this thing, at least I can represent! Now I need someone to put the Bici logo on the other side!

Headed to NOLA to limp around a conference and the city.  I hope to see lots of bikes and eat lots of great food.

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  1. On October 15th, 2010 Lara said:

    Oh,Man! Sorry that you had to get the cast and that your recovery time has been extended. But you are rockin’ that cast and boot! And I am hopeful you will heal quickly and get back to doing the things you love.

  2. On October 15th, 2010 Kara said:

    Well, if you are going to have to wear a cast, at least it is one that looks wicked cool.

    I am so jealous of your NOLA trip. I have always wanted to go there. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. Hopefully it will take your mind off of not being able to be on your bike. Have so much fun!

  3. On October 15th, 2010 Val said:

    The upside is that you can ride in a cast. No, really, I’ve seen it done – multiple times. Just be careful, and ride gently. Better than not, yes?

  4. On October 15th, 2010 Dwainedibbly said:

    Hang in there! Maybe when you get back from NOLA you can get a little bit of a bike fix by working on your bike. That has worked for me in the past when I couldn’t ride. Or maybe plan some rides. Nothing too long, at least not right away. You don’t want to re-injure yourself.

  5. On October 16th, 2010 meligrosa said:

    some leg love for you!!
    always thinking of you+your leg chica —get well soon <3333 +stay strong :D

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