July 22, 2010

Why I ride-reason #547

By Elisa | 7 Comments »

So that I can have 2 slices of this.

And one of these for breakfast

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  1. On July 22nd, 2010 Aaron said:

    Woah what is that? It looks delicious.

  2. On July 22nd, 2010 wle said:

    what IS that thing?

    looks like a foot-high club pizza..


  3. On July 22nd, 2010 Simeon said:

    I see you come same school of cycling has me, here link http://www.southlakesgroup.org.uk/2010photogallery/wpimages/wpee49ffa9_05.jpg to photo of cake, which I took at cafe stop on one of our club rides.

  4. On July 22nd, 2010 Bliss Chick said:

    That’s the spirit! It’s all about priorities.

  5. On July 22nd, 2010 welshcyclist said:

    I know exactly where you’re coming from, I love my food, and cycling just gives me an enormous apetite, of course it’s all about keeping energy levels up.

  6. On July 25th, 2010 tschitschi said:

    good reason!

  7. On July 29th, 2010 Dottie said:

    Hell yeah!!

    That’s why I ride, too. What a coincidence.

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