July 22, 2010

Time time time

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In the last few weeks I’ve bought a new home, moved (still moving actually), worked, traveled, visited friends, had friends visit, and cycled through it all.

Le Tour de Birmingham has been going on this month, and I’ve had the opportunity to race in a couple.  I’m really enjoying racing just for kicks and bragging rights, and hanging out with friends afterward.  The last one was a little difficult due to rain, but it was still a good time.

I also just got back from Charleston, SC again! This time I had a companion, and we were able to bring our bikes. One morning we rode about 11 miles out to the beach for a little chill time.  It was beautiful.  The water was the perfect temperature.

Alas, the ride back was torture.  We didn’t bring a change of clothes or really anything, and riding the 11 miles back with sand in your bathing suit is NO FUN. Also, I decided to ride with just my bikini top and now have the most ridiculous sunburn.  Also, the slope of the bridge going back is a bitch. I got a cramp and had to start walking about half way up. How embarrassing.

Well the point is I’ve been riding. My new commute (which I haven’t done too many times because of all the travel) is awesomly flat and short. I just haven’t had a breath to write about it. Bike love to you all!

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