July 7, 2010

Good People

By Elisa | 4 Comments »

photo from here.

A great weekend!  Rode all over the place…to the top of a parking deck (and back down…motion sickness…), to a brewery for a special friends and family July 4th party, to church(es), the farmers market AND farm, Jazz in the Park, lunch, and just around town.  I can’t remember the last time I rode this much just to ride.

How was your weekend?

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  1. On July 7th, 2010 wle said:

    parking decks can be fun
    at least you usually have a good view from the top


  2. On July 7th, 2010 Big Clyde said:

    I spent the weekend, floating in a pool with my wife and kids. Good times.

  3. On July 9th, 2010 meligrosa said:

    mmmmh beers+friends+bikes y flowers
    good times :D

  4. On July 18th, 2010 Braxton said:

    It’s legal to have beer in the park? Oh, shh… Looks like fun!

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