June 21, 2010

Impromptu ride on a Sunday night

By Anna | 3 Comments »

Last night I headed out with a few friends for an impromptu ride to nowhere in particular.  We rambled around to the park, to a friend’s apartment to pick them up where we also picked up a complete stranger who was totally totally stoked about riding with us, around the neighborhood, stopped at a gas station for water, to an empty parking deck for chilling, conversation, enjoying a nice cool breeze on an (almost) summer evening.  The original plan was to pick up some beer for our chill time, but after a good ride none of us could muster up the energy required for beer digestion.  A sad moment.

The Buena Vista is officially built and rideable.  This was the first group ride with my beauty. It is smoooooth.

Rarely do I break out the camera on rides like this.  We’re in the moment, and the last thing on my mind is documenting for later.  And there’s no hope of documenting the feeling, the atmosphere, the beauty of it all.  I am loving it all - the bike, the ride, the people, this summer so far.  It’s new beginnings.

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  1. On June 21st, 2010 Elisa M said:

    Yay new beginnings and new bikes! Summer!

  2. On June 21st, 2010 Big Clyde said:

    Sweet write-up. Makes me wish me and my friends could have ridden along with you.

  3. On June 21st, 2010 welshcyclist said:

    I wish I could’ve joined in, I’m an old fuddy duddy who rides alone when commuting, and when riding for leisure, and to be honest I like it that way. But an impromptu ride with a bunch of friends of an evening sounds great, just one problem, nobody my age, around here, rides a bicycle.

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