May 29, 2010

Hot yoga!

By Elisa | 5 Comments »

I used to do Bikram (Hot) Yoga a lot. Like twice a week. Then something happened and I had a mental block against doing it. I cried on the mat and that was it for me. Yoga, especially the kind where you sweat for 90 minutes, brings up all sorts of stuff. It is also super expensive (worth it, but more than I can afford). I digress…
Well, thanks to Groupon, I have a one month unlimited for only $50 to the best yoga studio ever (I heart Stephen)! I went Thursday of this week at 6:15 (!) and sweated my ass off.  While doing it, I noticed something: my body has completely changed in the year since I have last gone.  My core is stronger, my butt is firmer, my upper back is stronger, and my legs…my goodness.  They barely even seem like the same legs that I used to have.  When I was looking into the mirror I could hardly believe that I was looking at myself!  All of these changes are due to one thing-riding my bike.

This made yoga weird in many ways.  One, my center of gravity feels different.  I was falling all over the place while trying some of the poses.  I can hold myself down lower in the standing poses, but then fall over because I am not used to it.  When I do the Ustrasana/ Camel Pose I have to completely readjust to fit my quads under me.  It is crazy! The muscles that are tighter are totally different now and my body feels like I am still getting used to it.  Like a teenager who just hit a growth spurt.

What is funny is that the sweating doesn’t feel so terrible anymore.  I guess a summer of riding will make yoga in 105 degrees feel like any ride to work in mid-July!

Even with all the falling and reorienting myself, I know that my body is stronger, fitter and more awesome!  Has anyone else experienced this feeling?

I am going to continue to go at least twice a week for the next month and will report back on my findings.

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  1. On May 30th, 2010 Elizabeth said:

    Woohoo! Isn’t that super fun to be able to notice that transformation? I’ve had a similar experience.

    As far as the hot yoga, my neighbor has been trying to convince me to give it a shot, I’ve been resisitng. Maybe I should just try it. :)

  2. On May 30th, 2010 Diana said:

    That’s so awesome that biking has transformed you.

    I just got a coupon to a local yoga studio, so I’m hoping to try out Bikram soon.

  3. On May 31st, 2010 Melissa Silversmith said:

    Hot Yoga is definitely beneficial so am really encouraging people to try even for once and see how good it is for the body. M

  4. On May 31st, 2010 carfreepvd said:

    The first yoga style I tried was hot, and it turned me off of yoga for at least a year. It was just a little too intense for me. However, this was at a point in my life where I hadn’t started riding regularly and I was generally not as fit as I am now. Eventually I tried a less-intensive form and it worked out better for me, and now I regularly practice Ashtanga. As far as yoga and cycling, my teacher blames cycling for my hunched over shoulders, and curved back, but I think it is more caused by a lifetime of bad posture and 40 hours a week sitting at a desk.

  5. On June 13th, 2010 Lindsay said:

    Oh I LOVE yoga! I am dying to try a HOT yoga class.

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