May 27, 2010

70 miles…pssh!

By Elisa | 3 Comments »

Last weekend Anna, Alan and I rode in the Tour de Cure.  It was pretty harsh.  A quick rundown:

get up stupid early, eat muffins and coffee, restroom, line up, START RIDING, immediately lose Alan as he races up front.

eat yummy snacks at 9 miles- feeling great, eat more yummy snacks at 17 miles, still busting ass!

Slow down a bit around mile 25, but still working it pretty hard.  Alan passes us on his way back, leading th pack with some hardass riders.  We smile and cheer him on, so proud! Snacks at mile 33, time to turn around.  Feeling a bit sluggish and the temperature has now worked its way up to 86.

BLOW OUT!  My tire hits something and it done for.  SAG wagon to the rescue with a new tire (I had a tube).  25 feet down the road: BLOW OUT #2!  Pinch flat.

Mile 50 and we are slowing down quite a bit.  snacks at mile 55.  From mile 59-63 it was all uphill.  We are dying.  93 degrees at this point, on an open blacktop highway for 4 miles of straight uphill.  Miles 63-67 I don’t even remember.

Arrive back, drink water, see someone have 3 seizures, eat a taco, get a massage and head out.

3:30 Pool Party.  9:30 Anna goes to bed.  12:30 I stumble home (10 beers too many!) to bed.

What a day! more photos here.

Mad Props to Alan for riding like a fucking champ with the pros. It was incredible!  That guy can seriously kick some riding ass!

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  1. On May 28th, 2010 Cyclin' Missy said:

    Awesome work, ladies! You looked great and helped out a great cause. Riding uphill in 94 degree weather – that’s killer!

  2. On May 28th, 2010 Tom S. said:

    Great Job! I am riding the century for TdC on the 20th in Reston VA, I am worried but think I can do it…

  3. On May 28th, 2010 wle said:

    it;s better to look good than to feel good :)
    good work


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