May 21, 2010

The Ride of Silence

By Anna | 3 Comments »

The Ride of Silence took place on Wednesday night, starting from Homewood Cycles.  Kate and I rode together over the mountain, her first time to take the route!

It was great to be able to ride with so many different people from different cycling groups, some of the riders see this as their ride of the year!  I was very excited to see such a great turn out, and also a little nervous about riding with all the roadies.  I don’t know why they still intimidate me, but they do.

After honoring those that had been in an accident with a car, we headed out for a 6 or so mile ride through Homewood, AL.  Our ride was supported by the local police, and thus the route was blocked to traffic while we rode. We enjoyed wide empty highways – roads that I would never ever ride otherwise. Afterward we were treated to music by a one man band (he had a dog playing the drums) and some delicious barbecue.

Love to all that have had friends/family/acquaintances pass away or get injured, or have themselves gotten injured while riding in the past year. xoxo

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  1. On May 22nd, 2010 Steve A said:

    Your post got me thinking. How large might an event be to remember the vast number of motorists that kill and maim each other each year? Or pedestrians? Those cars are really fairly indiscriminant in what they crash into.

  2. On May 24th, 2010 Dotte said:

    It’s good to hear that the local police closed the route for you. I also found myself enjoying riding the streets of Chicago without having to worry about cars (as much as one can enjoy herself during a memorial ride).

  3. On May 27th, 2010 meligrosa said:

    great photos <3 thanks for sharing such good report :D

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