April 14, 2010

BikeLab: A day in pictures

By Anna | 5 Comments »

Downtown Greensboro

More photos here

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  1. On April 14th, 2010 Katie Bee said:

    Much as this BikeLab stuff is well and good, I spy the words “Pie Lab” and I want to know more more more!

  2. On April 15th, 2010 jon caradies said:

    wow, cool pics !!!! It makes me hungry to ride,
    You’re the berries !
    Jon C

  3. On April 15th, 2010 Cyclin' Missy said:

    Looks like a blast! I love riding on country roads like the one in the picture.

    It looks like you were working on the construction of the BikeLab space. I’d love to see “after” pictures some time!

  4. On April 15th, 2010 sabinna said:

    Those nails look a lot like the ones I’ve pulled out of my tires over the years!! Really nice pics…

  5. On April 15th, 2010 Dotte said:

    Great pictures! Looks tiring and hot, but satisfying.

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