March 28, 2010

Random: The Human Survey

By Anna | 3 Comments »

I was riding home from work on Friday through 5 Points South when I noticed some guys on the sidewalk with a photobooth set up.  I looked at them, they looked at me, we waved, and then they motioned for me to come over.  I rode up and got my pic taken, then they gave me a card and I was on my way!  I was so flustered that I didn’t really even talk to them, other than to say “why are you taking my picture”?  Turns out they are working on a project called the Human Survey; they’re traveling around the country taking pictures of people on the street.  Sounds like they’ll be having an interesting journey!

The picture they put on the site is pretty goofy…capturing well my mild confusion!

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  1. On March 28th, 2010 welshcyclist said:

    All I’d like to say is the Human Survey is far richer to have your picture in it, you look lovely.

  2. On March 29th, 2010 wle said:

    that;s cute

    you have pretty teeth

    which is good

    they are definitely highlighted here


  3. On March 31st, 2010 Tab Hunter said:

    I would have loved to see you in an Urban Tshirts, but your pretty face makes up for my discontent. The picture has a lot of depth to it, and can be likened to a modern day ” Mona Lisa”.

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