February 15, 2010

This is where we live: SNOW!

By Elisa | 5 Comments »

I keep apologizing for slacking in writing, yet I keep not writing.  Oops.

It has been a cold, cold time here in Birmingham.  3 occasions of snow in the last week!  Oh, and I have had walking Pneumonia.  Good times.  I also moved successfully using panniers and friend’s trucks!  Here are some photos of our snow days. Enjoy.

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  1. On February 15th, 2010 oldfool said:

    Life comes first. Then tell us about it when you can. Take care.

  2. On February 15th, 2010 Rob Sayers said:

    We’ve had a bit of snow here (hattiesburg ms) also. It’s normal once every few years, but this winter it’s happened a few times!

    I enjoy the novelty, but really, I could do without the cold.

  3. On February 16th, 2010 anna said:

    Snow, yeah! But the icy wind is the worst.

  4. On February 16th, 2010 Cyclin' Missy said:

    It keeps snowing here, too. That’s normal for Michigan, but I could still do with just one or two snowfalls for the year. I’m ready for spring already!

  5. On February 16th, 2010 spiderleggreen said:

    Good to see you’re riding despite unfriendly weather. We’re only 10 degrees colder than you, but for us it feels warm… well not warm. Not as cold as it could be, though.

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