December 8, 2009

Cross is fun; Embrocation is sort of weird

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BamaCross season is over and I’m a little bummed, but excited that my legs will begin to heal.  One thing’s for sure, team Bici kicked some serious ass this season.
The last race took place at a lake in Cullman, and DAMN it was cold.  There was still some snow on the ground around the area, and we arrived to a temperature of about 36 F.  Because I knew it was going to be cold, and knew there would be water to run through, I decided to try out the Mad Alchemy Cold Weather Embrocation that was so kindly given to Elisa to try.  I convinced Sam to try some too.

Sam went first since he was racing before me, but his verdict post embro was that he couldn’t really feel anything. When it was my turn, I noticed first of all that it smells and looks like pumpkin pie filing.  That was nice.  I wasn’t really sure how to use it, so I rubbed it on my legs in three thin layers.  It was about 30 minutes before I felt a bit of a tingling, but not really in a good way.  I was warned that it did not react well to razor burn, and although I had not shaved my legs in about two days, I think it still reacted a little bit with my recently shorn follicles.  It was unpleasant and I sort of hopped back and forth on my feet for a while being sad and looking stupid.


Is this a good photo, or what?! This guy was like a machine

Sam decided to reapply and came back saying that he could feel a little bit of warmth but didn’t seem to be too impressed.  He and Alan raced, and Sam completely dominated – he finished ahead of the pack by like a minute.  It was insane!


Ok this picture is from a different race, but ya know, he was just as happy this time around

Once it was time for me to race, I took a deep breath and rode/ran/stumbled through all of the mud and water – which was over the knee at places.  I don’t really know what embrocation is supposed to be like in this particular situation, but I think I was so cold and wet that it didn’t make much of a different whether I had embrocated or not – I was just numb.  Finished 2nd, hoorah! I was happy.


Happy it's over

Honestly, everyone was pretty happy

After the race I could feel a little bit of tingle on my upper thighs but nothing much to mention.

Then I got home and took a nice hot shower.  HOLY HELL.  SERIOUS PAIN. MY THIGHS WERE ON FIRE. It was like taking a hot shower with a sun burn.  My hands hurt too, but the cream must have washed off my lower legs during the race because they were fine.  I was sad again.

So in the end I don’t really know what to say.  Obviously, I didn’t know what I was doing or what to expect.  There was no instruction manual on how to apply the cream and I didn’t read anything about it ahead of time, which was dumb.  I think it might be nice in another situation, but for this particular event it was not a raging success.

Sam said he would like to try the more intense varieties – we had mellow at our disposal, but it is also made in medium and madness. Who knows?! MAD ALCHEMY – SEND US MORE!!!



Alan Barton took these photos, and aren’t they lovely?  To see the full set, go here.

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  1. On December 9th, 2009 terry said:

    Anna. This may help with the embrocation questions : )

  2. On December 9th, 2009 Anna said:

    Humm…that’s pretty much what I did, but used less and sort of layered it. Do you think there’s a different technique for summer vs. winter?

  3. On December 10th, 2009 Elisam said:

    I love that photo of Sam…we need to hang it at Bici fo sho!

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