November 30, 2009

Cross Update

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Apologies for my lack of posting. As Elisa said, life’s been a bitch lately…


One thing that is helping to distract and entertain me is my continued participation in cyclocross racing. It’s hard, it’s exhausting, it’s painful, it’s mindnumbing, it’s questionably insane, it makes me yell a lot, it makes me smile a lot, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

Our most recent race was on Alan‘s birthday, so we packed up tight and drove on down to Montgomery for a day of riding, eating the cutest cyclocross themed cake ever (artfully created by Kate, Alan’s lady friend), and drinking ourselves silly (ok I didn’t drink. be safe folks! have a designated driver!).


This race turned out to be our first true cross experience.  It was fairly cold and it rained pretty hard the night before, so we had ourselves a course that was about 95% mud and grass, complete with a creek to run through (with a deep hole in the middle that made you fall face first into the water if you weren’t careful while running as fast as you can through a muddy puddle), barriers to jump, briery bushes to battle, and lots of nasty little hills and switchbacks.  I fell. A lot.  I have many scratches that will most likely remain with me for a while.  My converse were ruined (oh the horror!).


Sam totally rocked the course again and has officially won his division for the season. Go Sam! Way to defend the pink!



Alan really enjoyed himself, and celebrated his last lap by beering up and cruising to the finish line. Wooh birthday boy!


I finished in 3rd and had my first podium experience.  Admittedly there were only 4 ladies in my category this time, but we were the only bitches crazy enough to rock the course so I’m not about to question they glory!

Yes, I am barefoot in the podium picture.  I’m tough as nails, in case you haven’t guessed yet.  I am also set for life on those energy gel things. Wooh PRIZES!!!

Aaahh the glory of a successfully completed race…

This coming Sunday marks the final BamaCross race of the season.  I hear there’s a lake involved. Yikes!

To see more beautiful photos like the first 3, taken by the ever sophisticated Alan Barton, go here.

Edward Whitehorn took the photo of Sam.

I don’t know who took the picture of Alan.  Sorry kind photographer!

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  1. On November 30th, 2009 mamavee said:

    I love love love that you’re rocking the jeans and cute flats post race. I don’t quite understand this cross phenom. But I am getting more and more curious…

  2. On November 30th, 2009 Steve A said:

    It’s Playing in the mud for big kids!

  3. On December 1st, 2009 anna said:

    That indeed looks like fun. Great!

  4. On December 1st, 2009 Elisam said:

    Anna = badass

  5. On December 2nd, 2009 jennybnick said:

    hey elisa and anna,
    have y’all seen this bike film?

    ps…i live in bham and fighting this good fight with you!

  6. On December 2nd, 2009 Ed Whitehorn said:

    Thanks for the credit on the photo! One of the few good ones I got that day. Hope to see you in Cullman.

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