November 13, 2009

Dirty South cycling mash up

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This weekend our boys from ATL are riding over (OVER 100 MILES EACH WAY!) to spend a fun weekend with all of us here in Birmingham.  We have been eagerly anticipating their arrival.  The plans:

Saturday night: CROSS RACE!!  Anniston Night Race…drinking, racing, drinking, hanging out, tailgating.  The guys will meet us there.

Sunday: Brunch at ZaZa’s.  mmm.  Taco Truck mid afternoon, Beer dinner (complete with beer cake, beer soup, beer ice cream and…beer drinking).  Probably some bike riding too

Monday: bike riding.  Hanging at Bici.  Beer drinking.

Tuesday: sadness.  The guys begin their epic ride home.

Wednesday: miss them.

I love that the internets have brought us all together.  These guys came over for our Garden Party, we went for the No Brakes Alleycat, then FM24, so it was their turn again.  WE CAN’T WAIT.

Full report and photos to come.

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