October 24, 2009

Bloody knees and Belgium: Embrocation Cycling Journal

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Fret not, lovers of print.  Yes, Conde Nast is shutting the doors on some beloved ‘zines, good publications are stopping left and right…but have no fear, print is still very much alive.  Looking for proof?  Pick up this gem and your faith will be restored.

volume4 cover

Embrocation Cycling Journal Volume 4. That bloody knee, how I love the feelings it evokes…the very spirit of racing, cycling and all things sexy and dirt covered. Everything about this little publication is well done (not surprising considering Jeremy Dunn is one of the Rapha fellas; chicken and egg conundrum, does Rapha pick the classy ones or do you become that way during a Gentleman’s race one day??).  The photos, writing, features…I read and reread it, slowly turning each page so as not to miss anything. It was everything you imagine cycling to be as a kid…european, pretty, gritty, sexy and bad ass.  Hell, even the ad’s are clean.  My favorite feature was the Tour of California, as told by 3 teams. Or was it the Belgium diary?  Or perhaps the…oh just get it yourself and read it.  You won’t regret it.  Pick up a tshirt while you are there, they are pretty sick looking.

*side note: that bloody knee print is for sale.  My order should be going in tomorrow.  Yes, waking up to dirty bloody knees is how I roll. What?!

Coming soon to a Bike Skirt near you: thoughts on Rouleur, Cog magazine, Boneshaker Almanac and Women’s Cycling Magazine.    Whoever says print is dead is not checking out the cycling ‘rags, clearly.  I plan to single-handedly change that.

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  1. On October 26th, 2009 Ghost Rider said:

    Mag reviews…I LOVE it! I don’t think anyone else is really doing this, either. Get on it while it’s hot!!!

    Add “Bicycle Times” to your list, too. It’s pretty decent.

  2. On October 26th, 2009 Elisa said:

    ghost-good call! I have read it and definitely need to add it to the list.

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