September 27, 2009

good vs. evil

By Elisa | 3 Comments »

Here are the reasons I hate not having a car:

1.  It has done nothing but rain for 2 straight weeks
2. It has also been hot as hell
3. Interviewing with above circumstances, plus climbing a mountain
4. Converting to a Single Speed was perhaps a mistake?
5. My bad hurts from lugging my stupid laptop every where!

Reasons I LOVE not having a car

1. Gas money…what are you talking about? I can’t even tell you what gas costs anymore
2. Staying active although unemployed
3. Weather cleared up and the thought of being in a car this week is terrible
4. Had something to talk to Matt Mullenweg about at WordCamp this weekend. He introduced me to Mission Bicycles (more on them soon, I hope).
5.  No job is not as stressful with no car note.

That’s all I got today folks.  More posts coming soon I promise! OH, I did get a job.  At a new local coffee shop opening soon.  Looking forward to working in a smaller setting and being around people.  It is a mile from my house, and they are installing bike racks.  Honestly, if I still had a car not, working in a coffee shop again would not be an option.  Freedom is powerful…

Thanks to Bike Snob NYC for giving us out biggest traffic day ever.  Welcome to everyone who is now following us.  I hope the Snob is gentle on us from here on out…It is daunting knowing he is watching.

Have a good week and keep pedaling.  Bike Love

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  1. On September 27th, 2009 Patrick said:

    BikeSnob traffic tops StreetsBlog traffic? Not sure how I feel about that. But seriously, you’ve hit it big. Become a full-time blogger.

  2. On September 27th, 2009 Dottie said:

    Yes, life is all about the goods and the bads. Hopefully in the end the former outweighs the latter. And hopefully autumn comes to your part of the country soon. :)

    Congrats on the new job!

  3. On September 28th, 2009 Pete said:

    All of my spending money and most of my freedom for the past 15 years come from not paying for a car.

    I am happy, I am rich, I am free!!!

    Defining the paramiters of your life’s “requirements” is a very powerful thing.

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