September 11, 2009

24 hours of madness!

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Well folks, in just a few hours we leave for Atlanta, where we will be competing in FM24, a 24 relay hour race put on by Faster Mustache! We are scared, excited, scared and stoked. Somehow we managed to have 2 teams representing the Magic City…The Bici Coop Dapper Lads (Alan, Jesse, Sam, Bob, Matthew) and the The Bici Coop SexyFun (Elisa, Anna, Kate, Brooke, Patrick, Tommy).

Food is packed, tents are rented and lycra is washed. We are ready to hang out, meet new people, ride our butts off and have a ton of fun. I had a tune up done on my bike yesterday (btw-Homewood Cycles‘ Tyree is awesome good people. Just sayin’) and it is ready to roll!  We had someone drop out, so if you are in ATL and want to ride, holler at us via Twitter or email me at

Want to see how we are doing? Check out the race tracker, where you can watch us in real time to see how we are stacking up. Considering there are Pro racers competing, we are not expecting to see any big wins…but you never know! I am super pumped to see our Atlanta friends and get to hang out with them again.  They are good folks.

follow us on Twitter as well to see how we are doing! or the link to the right for the Bike Skirt twitter feed.

Photos and round up to follow. wish us luck. If you are in Atl, come by and say hello!

I have a feeling I will sleeping late on Monday…

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  1. On September 11th, 2009 wle said:


    shoot me an email if you want to ride some sunday

    though you may be racing or socializing or tuckered out

    i stay out in chamblee, sort of near lenox square [5 mi]


  2. On September 13th, 2009 Dottie said:

    Go Team SexyFun!

    Can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it.

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