August 30, 2009

This is my bike-Jerry G

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_TSC7147Since your pal shot me on the tandem, I’ll go that bike route.  As far
back as I can remember I’ve been riding a bike. My first “real” bike
was a green Schwinn Continental 10 speed. I remember riding to the
local neighborhood pool with the AM radio taped to the handlebars
blasting away “Crimson and Clover” right after the un-banned airplay
of D.O.A. and Cooper’s “Dead Babies”- loved that bike.

Several bike years later, the tandem was a good way to get my kids
started riding until their legs were long enough for a bike of their
own, first with Guy and now, with Sophie. Sophie sits back there and
sings away while bro Guy rides to and fro urging her to peddle.

I ride my other bikes close to every day somewhere here in this Magic
City and really don’t know that I would change anything about the
riding here. A few bike stations or facilities around town and off the
four points of the compass would be nice encouraging respites for the
saddlle weary. For the most part, the streets are safe enough.

While not a “safe streets” cheerful story, it was pretty awesome to
see first hand, up close and personal, what a small pickup truck can
do when it rear ends a bike out on a rural hiway. First, it propelled
me, the cyclist, into the air and then crunched on top of the bike.
The impact blew every spoke off the rear wheel away from the rim.
That’s power. The landing of the cyclist was a thud and a crunch of
ribs. Gratefully, I’m here to tell the tale.

I ride because I can. I ride for the silence of early mornings, the
din of the afternoon traffic and all points in between. I ride for the
solitude and the companionship.

Bikes. Two wheels fit all. And I heard it’s better than Prozac


Jerry is good friend of both Bike Skirt and Bici Coop. He can be counted on to show up every Saturday with his adorable kids (daughter is the stoker on the fine red tandem you see pictured!) at Pepper Place Market for a good Smoothie Blending ride, as well as every race and ride we have.  Birmingham is lucky to have such an advocate, and we are all lucky to know a freakin’ cool guy!

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  1. On August 30th, 2009 Tyler said:

    Have not heard any up dates on the young woman who had the head injury how is she doing?

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