August 25, 2009

Nashville Magic

By Anna | 1 Comment »

We both had a great time in Nashville this past weekend; bonfires and good people beer and pool parties and bike rides and arrested development marathons.  I was amazed at how different the riding was in Nashville compared to Birmingham.  I was joking with a friend here, saying that “we rode mostly on bike lanes and actually got somewhere”!  I saw my first tall bike in real life, and a number of other riders and bikes out.  We got a good amount of honks and waves as well, it seems that people just can’t get their heads around seeing a guy wearing a linen suit whilst riding a bike.  It was magical.  And the weather!  Perfection itself.

It was pleasure to meet all the riders!  I’m looking forward to seeing you all again soon at our next fancy dress ride.

TransportIMG_2926IMG_2930IMG_2935IMG_2937Lets go ride a bike!

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  1. On August 25th, 2009 Trisha said:

    So glad you and Elisa made it! Looking forward to the B’ham edition sometime soon.

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