July 27, 2009

Quotidian miscellany

By Elisa | 11 Comments »

Nothing new and special to report, just the normal daily goings on.  I normally try to keep to a topic, but tonight am going to ramble about various bike things in my life.

My favorite gear is worn out!  This is very sad to me.  I loved that gear and rode in it nearly 95% of the time.  I am on a strict budget, so am not in the market to buy a new cassette or gear currently. What does this mean?  Well, I ride in a lower gear and push it harder.  I rode home from Bici today (where the bad news was given) and it was hard.

Why not just convert to a Single speed?, you ask.  Well, I like having gears.  For instance, say we are riding 45 miles on a million zillion hills…gears are awesome then.  Perhaps one day I will make the switch, but for now I am perfectly happy with my options.

New website: Bike Shop Girl. From the website, ” Every bike shop doesn’t have the knowledge or advantage of having an experienced woman on staff to aid you in learning your way through the cycling experience. That is what Bike Shop Girl is for. Please ask questions and go through the archives in your hunt to be safer, stronger and comfortable on a bike.”  I have perused it and think it could be a great resource for women just starting out.  I also really enjoy her Twitter.

I have started the 100 push ups program.  I recently noticed that despite my fabulous (seriously!) legs, my arms and midsection could be tighter and stronger.  It seems I am not the only one with T.Rex syndrome.  With my 30th Birthday (and an alleycat to celebrate) it is high time to fix this.  Today was day one.  I feel tired but good.  Between this and riding the new gear, I wonder how I will feel come morning.  Yikes!  I hope that a stronger core and upper body will help me ride stronger and with better form.

Not drinking as many beer could also help…

Do any of you have an upper body routine to help with riding?  I hate gyms, and this has an iPhone App!

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  1. On July 27th, 2009 Ghost Rider said:

    It WILL make you a stronger rider…any core work that strengthens back and stomach muscles will help you hold your alignment on the bike and it makes for an easier time.

    I don’t have any specific recommendations beyond the pushups/situps routine — both of these are pretty effective (and there’s a certain “old school” charm to them). I play around with one of those giant stability balls too — various cycling magazines have had “core work” programs published over the past couple years that incorporate the stability ball. It seems to make some positive difference in the work effort…

  2. On July 27th, 2009 Dottie said:

    Yeah, I need one of those bikes where I can pedal with my arms. Meh.

  3. On July 28th, 2009 Cyclin' Missy said:

    Hmm. Somehow, my arms have always looked pretty good – better than my legs. I don’t know how. If you don’t like gyms, I would suggest just getting a little free-weight set. I got one for about $30 that you can put as little or as much weight on as you want. Then do as many different arm exercises as you can think of with those puppies.

    Or maybe take up an activity like dance or swimming that uses your upper body more. As long as it’s something you enjoy doing! That is the most important part!

  4. On July 28th, 2009 Bike Shop Girl said:

    Thank you for the link and the wonderful words about my site! I too need to start this 100 push up program… Thanks again

  5. On July 28th, 2009 ksteinhoff said:

    Unlike Jack, I carry my own stability ball with me all the time. I can flop down on the floor and roll around on it at will. Getting UP again is the problem.

    I used to keep a two-pound weight next to my phone. I got in the habit of excercising with it on long phone calls. It wasn’t much weight, but you could get in a lot of reps on a long, boring conference call.

  6. On July 28th, 2009 wle said:


    arm/core exercise could tie into harder gears

    for hills – stand up on your bike – that works core and arms

    though sheldon brown advised against it
    from a safety standpoint
    [if anything is weak [chain cranks pedals handlebars chain slipping], it is going to break under the extra stress
    and since you are standing, you are almost certain to fall]
    but if you trust your bike, stand and deliver.. :)


  7. On July 28th, 2009 Johnny said:

    Your 30th is coming up? Mine, too! Happy Birthday! :)

  8. On July 29th, 2009 Mel said:

    Congrats on your 30th! I just had mine as well. As far as upper body stuff, i have been trying to work on my guns for a while, push ups are the best but there are variations on them that are helpful, such as alternating tricep touches in between push ups and also using a medicine ball. This is my fave, you put one hand on the ball and one on the floor, do your push up normally and then switch the ball to the other hand, this will build up your arms and your chest. It also keeps the girls up if you know what I mean. Another bad ass thing to have but it’s an investment is the Bosu, it works your core, I do push ups and squats on it and it helps me with my balance. Wow, this was a long post. Good luck with getting all jacked.

  9. On July 29th, 2009 mamavee said:

    it requires a pool/gym- but swimming. I swim and bike and my arms are strong looking. core needs lots of work though.

  10. On August 2nd, 2009 Jay Riddle said:

    You’ll find the 100 push-ups program is a great way to strengthen your shoulders, arms, and chest. You may be surprised how quickly you progress in the program. I was amazed at week 3 how many push-ups I could do. However, I hit a plateau at week 4 and haven’t moved beyond it, but I’ve been slacking at consistently following it the last couple weeks.

    Good luck.

  11. On August 2nd, 2009 Adam said:

    As a trainer, one of the things I’m asked to improve most often is upper body, and core strength. Push-ups are great for that, and if you’re hitting a plateau, I agree with changing the kind of push-ups you do. If you can find a pull-up bar, and a chair, then you can work on your back and shoulders, which push-ups are not so great for. You can put one foot on the chair to help you up if you can’t do them unassisted.

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