July 25, 2009

You gotta work!

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Anna and I manned a Bike Blender at Pepper Place Market today for  Bici. The crowds were out in force, the sun was beating down upon us, but we had a good time. We were there in conjunction with Jones Valley Urban Farm, who are a great organization that supports our city and Bici.

It was fun to see everyone’s face and tell them a little bit about our organization, and raise awareness for biking.  I think people forget that bikes are just plain fun (plus generate power, are cleaner, etc, etc) ! Kids really got a kick out of it, although we had our share of adults pedal for their breakfast. We used it for our Garden Party to blend Bellinis, and I am thinking Gazpacho, Basil Pesto; endless possibilities!  The smoothie recipe is pretty easy: you buy a ripe peach, blueberries (whatever you want), we provide the scoop of yogurt, splash of OJ and ice.  Saddle up and ride until frothy and delicious.  You can’t beat it.  IMG_0108The Blender itself is pretty awesome…although our particular bike needs some love.  Phew, good thing we run a bike shop.

We will be there every Saturday until Oct 17, so come by and pedal for your smoothie.  We will yell things like “sprint for your breakfast!” and “faster, Lance, faster!”…good times.

IMG_0107IMG_0109Bike Blender Poster - Final for Printer

Special thanks to T Scott for designing our poster.  Pretty kickin, huh?

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  1. On July 26th, 2009 anna said:

    Wow, that’s just too cool! I’d love to have that in my kitchen :-) .

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