April 23, 2009

Music City

By Elisa | 1 Comment »

Hey there! This weekend I am taking a girls trip with my sister to Nashville (yes, to see Dave Matthews…I am not ashamed!).

Was thinking I may try to stop into some cool bike shops and/or Co-ops. Want to check out some other Dirty South shops and meet some cool folks. I am staying near Vandy and don’t really want to trek all over the place. comment or email me at elisa@bicicoop.org

Thanks internets.

Bike Love!

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  1. On April 24th, 2009 Cyclin' Missy said:

    No shame in seeing Dave Matthews! I’d totally go see him if he toured nearby. Maybe some “youngsters” (aka people younger than, say, 22?) don’t think he’s cool anymore, but I do at my ripe old age of 29!

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